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Do you collect pins? It’s the fashion expression in all of Calgary. And the fashion business. The city’s main street, First Street, is full of pins and badges collectors who wear them in front of curious passers-by. Everything is focused on the exchange of pins. To such an extent that one of the city’s newspapers shows a vignette in which an athlete is shown receiving a medal while the one who awards it says: «Of course I can’t trade it for a badge». It is the madness that has been unleashed throughout the city. In front of the Coca Cola tent: the badge collectors. Around them, hundreds of people who want to participate in this pins market. Meanwhile, photographers and television cameras enter this street market. Very few are willing to sell their products, the grace of the game is found in the exchange, although they do not spare their disdain for those who offer them badges that they do not consider worthy of their attention.

This pins fever is an intrinsic part of the Olympics, not exclusive to Calgary. It’s already happened in Montreal, the first big fair of its kind in the history of modern Olympism, and had its high points in Lake Placid 1980 and Los Angeles 1984. While here in Calgary a whole regularized business has been organized around this collector’s fever. That’s why many of the stalls that used to sell food and drink have decided to turn their business around and focus on something more lucrative: selling pins. 2 dollars the cheapest, unlimited price for the most expensive. As a rule they usually ask for 5 dollars for the badges of the Canadian or American teams, and 10 for the most remote countries. Luxury buildings reach unimaginable prices. For example, for the Borneo badge up to 6000 dollars have been ordered. This also represents a great business opportunity for organizers, as many as 68 companies have acquired the rights to reproduce badges with the symbols and mascots of these Olympic Games. There are an estimated 800 million, with 600 different versions, of these Calgary games. This guarantees organizers a profit of around 23 million pesetas for their sale alone, an amount that is made even small compared to the 150 that will be taken by the U.S. Olympic Committee for the licenses it has granted to use its symbol in the Olympic Games of Calgary and Seoul in badges. However, the Soviets are the most avid collectors in the world, in any store in the Soviet Union you can find collectible badges. But in the Olympic world, there is no doubt that it is the Americans who control the market, with more than 1000 designs of their own in these games alone. Most are manufactured in Taiwan, due to the cost of labor, but their provenance is no concern for collectors, who only want the more the better.

The main street of the city is filled every day with collectors who wear their badges to exchange them. It is Calgary’s main attraction, with a constant movement and agglomeration of people wanting to enter the Coca-Cola tent. But if there are already countless people visiting the tent, there are more small objects inside: 60000 badges, the entire collection of the most famous soft drink in the world.

The global village, as Mayor Pasqual Maragall called it on the day of the inauguration, is a world apart from the usual Barcelona. Behind the white and blue tarpaulins that cover the fences, time passes at a different speed. First of all, the traffic has nothing to do with that of the city, the worst thing that can happen to a distracted pedestrian is to be run over by a volunteer in a hurry or a cyclist. Bicycles have become the primary means of transportation for organizers and residents. 320 available: 170 for the organization and 150 for the athletes, although some have brought their own and others are more in favor of skates.

The Villa is full of life and activity, at levels that surpass those of Barcelona itself. Volunteers dressed in their blue or yellow tracksuit or suit, carrying and bringing athletes, as long as they are left behind, keep on circulating. An assistant on a Caribbean committee complained about the informality of the guests, for whose comfort he is responsible. The national committee had not paid the price of the stay and the athletes had to wait four hours to be accredited until the head of the delegation arrived to make all the arrangements. Later, the same person in charge of the delegation left with the keys to the apartments and the athletes had to go and ask for others.

The largest influx four days before the opening of the games, the Village housed almost 5000 athletes, entreandores and committee members of about 14000 that are expected. Arrivals have progressively increased to a point of almost 2000 daily entries. The sportsmen were received by a pair of giants dressed in typical Catalan costume and to the sound of a tenora. The first impressions are positive. «I have seen little but it has seemed to me a very beautiful city I believe that they will be great Games» said a member of the feminine team of basketball of Cuba. Today will continue arriving new delegations, is expected to North Korea and the bulk of the United States, although the «dream team» basketball is not expected until tomorrow (although they will not stay in the village).

While waiting for the start of the games, athletes entertain themselves in the game rooms, stroll, sightsee or read and chat on the terraces. This is one of the characteristics of this global village, which encourages the sharing of efforts and free time. Among the hobbies stands out the collection of badges or pins, of which there are thousands, especially Olympic mascots, countries, sports and Olympic committees. They are bought, although the grace is in the exchange and everyone wears them, from volunteers to coaches. It has become the Olympic currency.

The Town Hall, which differentiates the piss marketed for sale, such as COOB, from those that acquire a value of singularity that makes them reach very high prices, tries with the new regulations that this last type of sale can be made throughout the city. Therefore, it will not allow them to be used as exhibition material except in authorised areas.

Coca-Cola inaugurated last week in Plaça Catalunya the first sales and pin exchange centre in the city, which will remain open during the Games. The company expects more than 400,000 people to visit the centre, where more than two million badges could be exchanged.

There is undoubtedly an inseparable relationship between promotional gifts and companies, which find a different method of promoting themselves by deviating from the usual means. It is a way of attracting the attention of potential customers in a different way and without them being aware of it.

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Personalized magnets

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Personalized magnets stand out above other products, as well as serving to promote the image of a company, is especially useful because it can serve to remember specific things or launch messages of encouragement to face the day.

USB Flash Drives

As with custom magnets, promotional USB is also one of the main advertising products today. At all times we are surrounded by technology and therefore USB sticks become one of the most used items.

In addition to its undeniable usefulness, it never hurts to have a USB stick with you, all the options they offer for advertising gifts are immense. Not surprisingly, this is one of the main options that companies use.

Promotional pens

Advertising pens have proven over the years to be the best choice for companies when making promotional gifts. The reason is obvious, and is that they are an article that is used daily so it gets to be present in the day to day of potential customers.

Until recently rivaled the lighters, but the passage of time has relegated the latter to second place, due to the decline in tobacco consumption and the bad image associated with it, which companies do not want to link with their own.

Portable battery chargers

Another of the gifts that we are seeing more and more frequently in recent times are portable batteries. The mobile phone has become an essential tool in the daily life of all people, and therefore running out of battery in the middle of the day can be a major drawback. For this reason many companies bet on this type of gift that is truly useful and highly valued by the public.

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Personalized products have always existed. Companies have always looked for ways to distinguish themselves and promote their good image through promotional gifts, not only to reward the loyalty of our regular customers, but also as a method to reach other potential customers who may require our services in the future.

In this article we will focus on highlighting the importance of customization of products when we have a company and how thanks to new technologies have become a new online trend, which must be paid close attention to make sure we get the most benefit possible.

Advantages of online personalization

When we look for the creation of personalized products for our clients or potential clients, we must apply it to all the existing spaces and models of business, the success is not ascribed only to the companies that are in Internet, but this a tendency that is growing more and more.

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It is very important that we strive to achieve customer loyalty and that we are especially concerned about the type of promotional gifts we are going to make so that they have the best possible effect. There are several possibilities, you must find the one that best suits your business.

Personalized stickers

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